Crossware Mail Signature
someone else is pleased to announce their new partner Crossware, home of award winning IT services and software, and the largest, most experienced IBM Lotus Software organisation in New Zealand. Experts in professional email signature management and design, they have a solid and loyal customer base, which includes a worldwide client list of more than 400 companies, with 450,000 users currently using Crossware Mail Signature.

Those 450,000 people around the world currently using Crossware Mail Signature can extend their Lotus Notes email platform to automatically include professional looking email signatures and disclaimers on every email leaving their company.

An essential tool, Crossware Mail Signature makes email branding and compliance easy for Lotus Notes:

  • Implement professional and consistent emails
  • Append correct disclaimers to all emails
  • Broadcast, group, or personally target adverts
  • Add email signatures at the server level
  • Supports Notes, iNotes and Blackberry
  • Supports all Lotus Traveler compatible devices

Further information on Crossware Mail Signature is available here .

Try Crossware Mail Signature Version 4 for free, available for 30 days here.