Legacy Application Monitoring: out of your environment not out of mind. But get someone else to do it!

With the increase in security and stability “the cloud” is making more and more sense to organisations of all sizes. On demand, pay as you go, pay monthly, strong applications, email and device management and much more…

But what to do with the bespoke applications that are in use in most large organisations?

Monitoring as a Service. Is it for you?

Are you, or have you, retired your Domino estate?

Are you moving to a cloud based technology platform like Google or Office 365?

What should you do with your business critical Domino Applications?

Are you redeveloping applications outside of IBM technology, or rebuilding applications to be run on an IBM cloud?

Are you redeveloping in SharePoint or another cloud technology platform with longevity?

If you’re going to the cloud then surely that would mean that these applications should also be run off premise to fit the new business model. In most cases that is easy enough to achieve, but how do you then know how they are performing and when your users raise support tickets how do you troubleshoot? The fact that it will take a user raising a support ticket to alert you to the fact that there are any issues with this application is costly to the business.

Monitoring as a Service. Could be just what you need.

Whatever you decide to do with these applications they will move to the cloud in some form of other. How can you feel reassured that they are performing at an acceptable level for your users to do their jobs? Get someone else to monitor them for you.

Maybe you have a few old applications that you are retiring but need to still be used regularly or even just accessed occasionally, then it might be time to also move them out of your environment as they have no need for regular administration. Put them in the cloud and ask someone else to monitor them.

Perhaps there is a database that only a handful of users require that is costing the business too much to manage, again move them to the cloud and have someone else look after them.

Monitoring as a Service. What we can do for you.

Alerts in place based on usability thresholds, timely reporting, managing SLA’s using your specific KPI’s, Pay monthly based on volume, scalable and agile.

SOMEONE ELSE will provide this monitoring and reporting service for you. Let’s discuss your thoughts and come up with the right solution.