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GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Sametime

GSX Monitor & Analyzer for IBM Sametime

Be more proactive with GSX Monitor & Analyzer for IBM Sametime

Collaboration systems such as IBM Sametime® are increasingly becoming mission-critical, with projects being coordinated from collaborative workspaces, real-time interaction being facilitated through presence-based instant messaging systems, and online meeting services providing an effective and efficient fabric for bringing people together without travel.

GSX Monitor and Analyzer, gives administrators and IT managers insight into what’s happening inside their Sametime environment. GSX Monitor and Analyzer allows organizations to improve the performance of IBM Sametime and delivers strong business value.


Real time view: to consolidate all datas from your servers in one place for better management and fast problem resolution

Powerful Monitoring capabilities: Manage availability of IBM Sametime (up to Sametime 9)including the system console, proxy server, media manager and meeting server.

Gather Chat and Meeting statistics from the Community logs and collect availability status on all Sametime components either on Community, WebSphere Application Server, or Audio and Video components.

Simple and powerful alerts system: Define availability and performance alerts for proactive incident management. Identify potential problems before service is impacted.

Key Sametime statistics: Check the statistics of IBM Sametime and receive detailed information by retrieving valuable user metrics:
• Server Up/Down, Server Access Time, downtime
• Login, Peak Login
• Chat, average attendee, duration
• Active meeting, scheduled meeting, broadcast meeting, Instant meeting
• Network up/Down
• Cluster Up/Down
• Outage

End-User Simulation: Measure the quality and monitor the availability of the services by creating test chats, meetings and audio/video calls.

Configure alerts based on your own Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Support for WebSphere servers and DB2 database availability.

Control your SLAs: Check the health of your servers and manage the correlation between the KPIs and SLAs. Pre-configured KPIs template against specific SLAs

Generate your Trend Reports: Automatic or manual generation, compare your servers and see what happened over the past few days, weeks or months. Generate your capacity planning automatically. Share Trend Report templates across all your profiles. Disable obsolete profiles while still retaining all the reporting associated with it.

Generate your report automatically Automatic generation and delivery of highly customizable PDF and CSV reports


Proactive monitoring to help assure an uninterrupted, unified user experience through instant messaging, online meetings, voice, video and data management

Integrate key IBM Sametime monitoring capabilities with built-in alerts and reports.

Get statistics and automated reports to control the overall SLAs of your business-critical applications according to pre-defined KPIs

Identify bottlenecks within your environment and troubleshoot issues thanks to a real-time graph on performance

Get current information on meetings and chat services as of the time of the last scan

Provide support for websphere servers as it can be configured quickly and easily to monitor the WebSphere nodes used by IBM Sametime.

Support DB2 Database availability as it is used to support meeting services within IBM Sametime.

Deliver service level agreements (SLAs) by being smart about cause-and-effect between input factors (KPIs) and the outcome required.

Optimize IT human resources, so that administrators can focus on the effective use of IBM Sametime instead of having their time consumed by other activities.

Better control in service delivery of the applications for ensuring business continuity to the end-users

Lower Total Cost of Ownership of IT infrastructure by improving its sizing, its usage and its performance


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