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GSX Analyzer

GSX Analyzer

GSX Analyzer is a powerful executive dashboard that works in conjunction with GSX Monitor to give managers throughout the enterprise the information they need at the time they need it.

GSX Analyzer extends the powerful functionality of GSX Monitor by enabling clients to create extensive automated reports to understand key trends and performance metrics, such as email statistics, enabling users to prioritize and act.

It helps you to maximize the value its enterprise gets from the collaboration solutions put in place by helping users to understand availability and quality of the user experience more in depth.


Intuitive and user friendly web interface that consolidates all the performance and usage statistics in your collaborative environments.

Pre-configured reports template available on
• Server Statistics and Usage
• Active Sync devices: number of devices,
type of devices, locations
• Public folders: Owner size, usage
• Mailbox usage: Location, logon, size, quota
• SQL usage

Multiple locations Reports: Gather real-time statistics on the performance of your collaboration environment from multiple locations on the same web-based Dashboard.
Compare all your Mail Routing probe no matter the location they are.

Complete reports on performance counters to troubleshoot any situation

Powerful profile system to ensure that the right information is shared with the right people in a secure and structured manner.filter, organize, manage, and distribute information by company, by customer, by location, by server, or by any other user-defined “tag”.

SLA reporting: Create availability and performance reports to track how your messaging and collaboration environments perform over specific period of time. According to pre-defined KPIs, get statistics and automated reports to control the overall SLAs of your business critical applications

Identify bottlenecks: In real time or over a period of time, compare KPIs and availability across your overall infrastructure to identify and fix problems rapidly.

Enhanced Environment Health view to see what roles are underperforming, which servers have recurring issues, and which servers are getting the heaviest use in order to balance loads accordingly.

Trends and forecast automated reports: On all statistics with friendly user interface and fast configuration and templates. Trending capabilities on historical data as well as forecasting features enable IT administrators to graph metrics over days, weeks, months, building automatic reports sent in CSV, or customized PDF


Pinpoint and anticipate potential business line performance slows down and prioritize them for attention before the service is impacted.

Better control in service delivery of the applications for ensuring business continuity to the end-users

Identify key Trends and performance metrics to understand the overall health of your collaborative environment.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership of IT infrastructure by improving its sizing, its usage and its performance

Highlight underutilized servers and load-balancing issues among servers and identify bottlenecks in your organization. Flexibility of resources allocation by managing the overall capacity of the infrastructure.

Manage capacity, forecast and ensure maximum efficiency with minimum overhead


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