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Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Health and Safety incidents can be a big cost and disruption within an organization. Management of these incidents in particular is a key ingredient for adherence to Health and Safety legislation, which is now a fundamental requirement in many countries. In addition, there are legislative requirements for formally reporting incidents and the amount of time a company loses as a result of these incidents, so details must be captured and stored in the correct manner.

FastWorks eliminates the challenges organizations face in complying with HSE, RIDDOR and OSHA requirements. FastWorks OHS is designed to easily manage, analyze, retrieve and distribute information throughout the organization. You do not want to let safety incidents go unrecorded or uninvestigated because the process was manual or too confusing. It will open you and your organization up to unnecessary risk and potential prosecution.

FastWorks OHS module includes:

  • Accident and Incident Reporting
  • Chemical and Risk Assessment
  • Claims Management
  • OH&S Policy Manual
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Monitoring and Test Records
  • Legal Register

FastWorks OHS Features and Benefits

  • Easy logging of incidents in a simple user interface
  • Drop-down menus and mandatory fields ensuring consistent data collection
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, including:
    • Injuries and illnesses
    • Property damage
    • Near-miss details
    • Witness statements
  • Ensures effective corrective and preventive action is documented and managed to completion
  • Recording and reporting of time lost due to work related injury and illness ensures compliance to statutory reporting requirements
  • Focuses on root cause investigation, corrective action and incident costing ensures that the organization can be focused on reducing incident numbers
  • Provides pre-defined and ad hoc management reporting
  • Data can be exported for use in familiar Excel or third party charting tools
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