GSX Monitor % Analyzer v10.5
GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.5 offers enhanced reporting and user-based processing to strengthen performance, as well as an improved overall user experience. With a particular focus on Sharepoint, this release also includes new features for the platforms; Exchange, Domino, Traveler and BES.

For Sharepoint, this latest release offers full service tracking, proactively checking the key services users need to use at the site, server, and the farm level, with the following benefits:

  • a powerful consolidated dashboard
  • manage the applications server
  • manage the availability of your Sharepoint site
  • see your web front-end at a glance
  • manage the Sharepoint SQL environment
  • manage the Sharepoint farm
  • enhanced reporting on Sharepoint

Other features include new Spot Check Reports for Microsoft Exchange 2010 on Mailbox Characteristics and public folders as well as a bunch of new alerts on Domino Disk Space.

This latest release demonstrates GSX’s continued commitment towards providing the best messaging and collaboration experience to its customers.

The full report on GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.5 can be found here.

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