Rating 4.5/5
Exchange expert J. Peter Bruzzese recently put GSX Monitor and Analyzer v10.3 (for Exchange) through its paces during a comprehensive product review and awarded the product a strong 4.5 rating out of 5, resulting in a Gold award.

He writes “I’ve been watching GSX Monitor and GSX Analyzer for several years now and I’ve always liked the product. I’m a sucker for colorful, at-a-glance monitoring solutions that come with a lot more under the hood and GSX has that, and they keep adding to it. I like that the solution is agent-less (leaving no impact on my existing servers) that it has the capability to cover other messaging and collaboration solutions types and even has the ability to integrate with other monitoring tools like SCOM. Solid all around, easy to install, configure and use, combined with robust analysis tools. Thumbs up!”

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